Get Started or Improve Your Social Media Presence With These Packages

Socialmediarite – Make Your Impact Online With One-on-One Social Media training!medi

Receive comprehensive hands-on advice, assistance, tips and training customised to your business needs/goals, industry and level of tech knowledge – at your door (Northern Beaches, Sydney only).

Ideal for those who know they should be using social media for their business, but are at a loss on where and how to start, if you’ve done the workshops, read the ebooks, DIY guides and blogs but you still need assistance to get beyond the “What now?!” stage or if you’re already using social media and not getting the desired results.

3 levels of service available:

  • Basic – 5 hours
  • Intermediate – 10 hours
  • Advanced – 15 hours

*All sessions include a skype/call meeting prior to discuss your needs and supporting notes/emails/resources of your one-on-one training session. Also a separate option of ongoing monthly monitoring and support is available if necessary.

Social Media Kickstarter

Creation and business branding of:VIPSocmed1

  • 1 Facebook Business Page
  • 1 Twitter account (and following 50 relevant people/target market and Twitter directory listing)
  • 1 Instagram profile
  • 1 LinkedIn personal profile
  • 1 Youtube channel
  • Import/invite your existing contact list in all 3 platforms
  • Overview on use and leveraging of the 3 platforms plus content suggestions
  • Setup and instruction on social media management tool dashboard
  • Setup & instruction of a great tool for content curation and sharing

Facebook Business Page Presencevipfb

  • Creation, branding & customisation of 1 business page profile
  • Brainstorming ideas, creating strategy and content curation setup
  • Importing/inviting your current contact list and subscribing to 5 other relevant Facebook pages
  • Setup and training in productivity and time saving social media management tools

Instagram Profileinsta

  • Creation, branding & customisation of 1 Instagram profile
  • Brainstorming ideas, creating strategy
  • Importing/inviting your current contact list
  • Setup and training in productivity and time saving social media management tools

Twitter Profile

  • 10 copyCreation, branding & customisation of 1 profile
  • Brainstorming ideas and google reader content curation setup
  • Importing/inviting your current contact list and following the first 100 of your target market
  • Twitter directories listing of your profile
  • Setup and training in productivity and time saving social media management tools

Facebook Business Page, Twitter or Instagram Review/Audit

Perfect for if you’ve already got a Facebook or Twitter presence, but are not seeing the return or results you need. You will receive suggestions on how to improve your viprevengagement, content sharing etc.

LinkedIn Personal Profile or Company Page

LinkedIn has over 100 million users who leverage this platform as their online resume. It is now the first place recruiters go, and is predominantly used by senior management and blue-chip companies looking for skilled professionals worldwide.LinkedIn-Logo

This package includes:

  • Creation of personal profile
  • Your resume imported and spruced up according to the format
  • Existing database imported or asked to connect
  • Overview and receiving suggestions/resources on how to best leverage this platform
    * If you need your resume looked at, I also have a referral for that!

Social Starsocstar

  • Creation, branding and customisation of 1 Facebook (business page), Twitter, LinkedIn (personal and company page) and Youtube channel
  • Creation of easy blogging profile Posterous or Tumblr and instruction
  • Brainstorming ideas and content curation setup
  • Setup of Google Places and new social network Google Plus personal profile or brand/business page
  • Setup and training in productivity and time saving social media management tools
  • A step by step comprehensive industry specific social media strategy
  • A practical weekly schedule ensuring your online time is most effective across all 4 platforms
  • Listing in online blog and Twitter directories
  • Training and monitoring all profiles for a period of 1 month*

Social Media Marketing Strategy and Weekly Schedulevipscehd

If you’re pouring hours into social media marketing and not getting business benefits, you need to either create or revisit your strategy in order to maximise your impact and achieve your goals.

This package includes:

  • A review of your overall online presence and formulating detailed recommendations for improving your profiles and leveraging relevant platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Google Plus, Foursquare and YouTube and blogging.
  • Creating a customised industry specific strategy and weekly schedule tailored to your objective

RSS1Content Curation Setup

If content is King, then curation is most definitely Queen! Setup of tools to curate relevant industry sources, competitor and current events/news feeds for sharing across various social media platforms.

Content Distribution (Monthly)content2

Have your content ie blog posts, videos, podcasts, powerpoint presentations etc distributed online, in relevant article directories and your existing social media platforms throughout the month.

Social Media Monitoring & Support (Monthly)help

Ideal if you are achieving some success with social media, but still require extra support, resources or tips on your profiles and daily monitoring (or that of your competitors) to stay ahead.

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