What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the process of marketing through social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and also blogging. By leveraging these free platforms businesses are now able to connect, interact and market themselves and their products and services in a much more direct, effective and personalised way than previously.

Our emphasis is not only on current tools relevant to your industry and business, but on the fundamentals of using this new form of online communication for business.

Do I have to do it all by myself?
Social media marketing differs from other traditional marketing in that it allows you to showcase your “younique” voice. So ultimately, you must have some input as you are accountable for anything that is published online under your name or your business.

That said, we provide the following services to assist in this process:

  • Setting up your profiles with your business branding and customisations
  • Targeting your market, connecting you to new worthwhile business or influential industry people
  • Discussing and assessing your business needs, and creating a customised strategy and practical weekly schedule based on those objectives
  • Importing and inviting your existing database to your profiles
  • Training in the most relevant of current tools and platforms
  • Online directory listings enabling others to find you easily
  • Monitoring your progress, providing support and changing your strategy as and when necessary
  • Content creation (copywriting), curation of relevant and industry topics to blog about and share and online distribution ie article submission directories etc
  • Brainstorming ideas on how to use each platform most effectively with productivity and time-saving social media management tools
  • Review your overall existing online presence and formulating suggestions on improvements – this includes content/visual/SEO related
  • Setting up your blogging platform (eg  (WordPress, Blogger, Posterous, Tumblr) and creating a writing plan and schedule
  • Acting as Community Manager eg for your Facebook business page – creating strategy, publishing and sharing content, monitoring activity, adding your database and seeking new members, replies and comments, reporting statistics and building engagement and relationships
  • Providing a special personalised one-on-one social media training service (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) – at your door. All sessions include a skype/call meeting prior to assess your needs and goals, and supporting notes/emails/resources of your training session.

All of which greatly assist you in getting yourself out there in an impactful and effective way and achieving your desired results – so you are hardly alone! Our flexible packages are designed to help you in this process as little or as much as you need.  Should you require adhoc virtual social media assistance outside of our packages, please contact me to discuss rates.

How does it attract more business?
Social media marketing is basically word of mouth marketing and communication online.

Traditional forms of marketing and advertising such as print ads, TV and radio have long since been used, but nowadays the reality is your next customer or client’s first stop is using the internet via search engines, online directories, websites and blogs, recommendations in platforms such as Facebook and Twitter or other networks online. Consequently, if you don’t have an existing online presence that is personal, informative and provides value, then you are simply letting the opportunity to obtain real business pass you by.

Major benefits include  increasing your website traffic, page ranking and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), leads generation, building your credibility, providing customer service, creating or increasing brand loyalty, market research, keeping up to date with industry trends and technology, monitoring competitors, recruitment and skills sourcing, online networking, reputation management/crisis control and using the platforms as CRM (Customer Relationship Management ) tools.

Is this in place of other traditional forms of marketing for my business?
No. Social media marketing is just one important piece of the marketing pie. In order to become a successful business, you should have an ongoing marketing plan consisting of both offline and online activities.  It is also very important that both be consistent, clear, cohesive and compliment each other.

I don’t have time to do social media every day. How much time will it take?
Contrary to what many think, if you have a strategy in place, your working week will not be taken up doing hours and hours of social media. After all, this wouldn’t be practical and certainly not something you could maintain in the long term.

Ideally, you should have a strategy with by step-by-step tasks and a customised weekly schedule based on your business objectives, which will ensure your time spent on any social media activities has a clear purpose and is results-orientated.

As a general guide we suggest 2 hours per week, however the beauty of social media is that there are methods such as prescheduling posts, using your mobile or laptop whilst even watching TV which can make it very easy to manage and maintain.  Once you become accustomed to this new form of global and instant communication and marketing, it is almost the same as email – but much more social and fun!  Obviously, the more effort and time you invest in it, the more return you will receive.

Do I have to use all many tools and platforms to be successful?
No, it’s not a matter of spreading yourself thin across numerous platforms for the sake of it, but more finding the right tools to tap into your client/customer base, their networks and interacting with them in a personable and direct way.

For eg In Australia, there are currently over 10 million Facebook users so we could focus on this platform predominantly, however Twitter with close to 2 million users is also a quick global “online icebreaker” and has become a great way to meet local business people for networking events or coffee mornings, so you may benefit from using both, but in different ways.  Most major companies and recruiters now use LinkedIn as a viable way of sourcing specific and skilled senior or blue-chip professionals, so this may be another relevant platform for you to leverage.  We consider your real objectives with social media before starting any online activity.

Is a social media marketing strategy really necessary?
In short, yes. Without any plan or direction you only decrease your chance of making any real impact or using your time online wisely. It is very important to track your progress, make changes accordingly and ensure you are getting tangible results for your efforts, time and investment, and a customised strategy is the best way to ensure this.

Yes, if you ask Mr. Google you will find many free online DIY “how to” tutorials and books but there is no true “success formula” and these are best used as just a general guide. You should still seek assistance with the implementation and making sure it stays relevant to you, your business and objectives.

How long until I start seeing the results and what sort of return will I get?
The truth is there rarely is such thing as an “overnight success”, although there is always the possibility that if you put yourself out there in a positive, professional and interactive way you could connect online with someone extremely influential or beneficial and have a fantastic business opportunity present itself.  This will depend on factors such as what sort of effort you put into your social media activities and the type of person you are. If you have a natural and outgoing nature that shines through via your blog and profiles, and easily attracts others, then you will not only find this form of online marketing fun, but it will start to bring you results. However, if you only looking at this as a current “fad” or quick short-term marketing fix then you will be disappointed.  Click for “10 Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

Ultimately, for social media marketing purposes, the objective is about increasing your prospects, connections, credibility, reputation with the aim of converting to more sales/increased profits and happier customers or clients who will either stay with you, keep coming back or refer you to others. Like with anything worthwhile, initially setting solid foundations and routine are important steps towards achieving this.

Is social media right for my business? How do I tell?
If your business relies on foot traffic or word of mouth referrals from current clients or customers then social media marketing is for you. This is the same principal however as it is online the potential is much bigger on a grander and more immediate scale.  The reality is your prospects are mostly searching for you online now, so if you don’t have anything adequate by way of a website, blog, online profile or listing, then it is easier for them to discover, learn from, research and choose your competition.

Why be overlooked and miss out on that opportunity by simply not being there at all?  Click for “Tap Into Your Business’ Potential With Social Media

What if I don’t want to write (blog) and just have a website?
When websites first became the norm for business, they were very costly, fiddly to setup and even more so to maintain and update.  If you needed a slight change or addition you were usually held at the mercy of pricey web developers, and “static website pages” with content that was updated twice a year soon became easily outdated, irrelevant and just plain dull.

Today in the era of self-publishing, there are so many easy DIY platforms that are don’t require the user to be particularly web savvy.  Some even allow you to publish your own content via your mobile or email! You don’t even have to be frequently writing – although the more you do the more you increase your online searchability. Blogging is the best way of  letting the world get to know you and your voice whilst showcasing your personal and professional insights, expertise, services and products and has immense SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) benefits.

Naturally, there are many who don’t like writing or have the time or discipline for it, and for those we have a content generation (copywriting) solution. However, it must be said that whilst this is an option, you are more than likely going to receive better results by adding your own personal imprint on whatever is published under your name or that of your businesses. For more information on the pros and cons of using a ghostwriting service click here.

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