Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Need A Business Coach?

Business coaching is a service that business owners can access to assist them to lift the performance of the business and to reach beyond what they have been able to achieve until now.

Coaching provides:

1.    Someone to listen to you. This is important and many business owners are quite isolated when it comes to talking about the issues that concern them. Talking to a spouse may or may not be welcome and talking to employees is never a good idea, when it comes to sensitive issues. Remember a business coach works with you through the issues to help you find your answers – not to tell you what to do.
2.    Make you accountable to step up and perform at your best.
3.    Help you see your achievements, identify and reach worthwhile goals for future challenges. Goals give you a clear understanding of what to work toward and a good coach will help you identify next steps to put your energy into action.
4.    Gather feedback and talk with employees and help you improve communications within the business and clear lines of command.
5.    Develop your strategic thinking skills to be more self-aware, be more able to lead, be focused enable systems within the business to allow for more effective performance overall, more profit and effective staff.

I’m just overwhelmed and I know I need help fast but where do I start?
It’s easy to get overwhelmed and that’s a key reason many people reach out for coaching. By stepping back and with help seeing the situation from a new perspective, we gain a more objective approach and and ability to work through the issues with a clearer mind and more skills to respond appropriately.  This gives us back control and helps us navigate our way through the obstacles to create a plan of action.

I’ve been pretty successful running my business so how can coaching help me?
Coaching is exactly for those who are successfully doing what they set out to do. In order for coaching to be effective it is important the person being coached has some drive and ambition to achieve and a restlessness with just putting up with the status quo. When working with a coach, you can start to review your current strategy, determine where are the gaps in performance and what are the elements that have worked especially well then model those and work on the next goals that you might want to set and stretch yourself for new challenges. Or you may be entering a different stage of life where you want to reassess your direction and set a new course and develop a good strategy for doing that in an ecological way. Working with a coach can help you be more accountable and be even more effective.

When I’ve looked at coaching for my business previously, it seems like it is a one-size-fits-all approach. How do you personalise your coaching?
It can seem like this and some programs are sold as packaged options that are set and clients are to fit into that framework. That works for some people and others.  When looking for a coach it is important to find a coach with whom you have a good fit, as you’ll be working closely on issues that may at tmes bbe confronting. Your relationship with your coach should be such that you are willing to go to those places that are hard to face.  Find a coach that you are in synch with and you’ll find that you can progress well because you can communicate easily and effectively. You’ll be challenged! Your coach is there to help you reach new levels of development, not just agree with you and let you off easily.

I’ve thought I’d like to be able to work with a coach but my partner thinks I should be able to do it on my own. Would getting a coach be admitting I can’t cope?
This is a tough one. Working with a coach is in no way an admission of anything, but is an understanding that it can be more effective way to achieve your desired results. If a partner is reluctant it can be a sign of other issues within the relationship that may be getting in the way.  The right coach can work with you on these communication issues too and bring the partner on board to assist you in reaching your goals. It’s important to remember to work on relationship goals and not forget them when focusing on your business. In the matter of engaging a coach with whom to work,  ideally you will be clear and gain the support you deserve from your partner.

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