Tips On How To Get The Best From Your VA

I count myself very lucky. I get to do what I love, working with a wide variety of interesting and intelligent people from all walks worldwide, and have fortunately had a steady stream of co-operative, insightful and fun clients. I have, however, also had a few that definitely would not fit into that category, and […]


Creating My Own Utopia

Recently, I was really struggling with working from home on a full time basis. When I started my Virtual Assistance business in May 2008, I lived overseas with 3 young children and my prime motivation was a) providing a secondary income and b) hopefully getting some mental and cybersocial stimulation as I was quite isolated […]


Client Testimonial: SJK Consulting Pty Ltd

In November 2008, we had recently returned to Sydney from living in Croatia for 2.5yrs and my initial priority was settling into our new home before returning to my virtual assistance business. Since starting several months earlier, I had been continuously busy with branching out my inlaw’s family business as well as a few virtual […]


Running Your Own Show

Lately I have noticed, most likely due to the current economic climate, there has been a noticeable increase in people wanting to know how to become a Virtual Assistant (VA). On a daily basis I’m reading comments online such as “I need more money/can’t find a job/want to work from home, so I’m thinking of […]


What Does “Virtual Assistant” Really Mean?

It’s the same old story. “So, what do you do for a living?” “I’m a Virtual Assistant”…..blank stare followed by awkward silence….then the inevitable “What is that?”. It’s an innocent enough question, and if I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked it I could have retired long ago! My reply? Well, I […]


10 Interesting Facts About Me!

1. A real life defining moment for me was when I was driving my car late one night, and my windscreen met with a jumping kangaroo. I rolled 3 times narrowly missing a huge pole, and came out without a scratch. I knew I was extremely lucky to come out of it at all. Soon […]