Blog Ghostwriters – Trick or Treat?

Recently, I received an email from someone wanting some tips on how to approach blogging. In short, he wasn’t sure if he was up to the task, had the level of commitment, time and discipline required and suggested possibly outsourcing to a ghostwriter. “Content Writer” “Copywriter” call it what you will, this is an age-old […]


What The Real "Oprah Effect" Can Achieve With Social Media

It all started with a simple Facebook post and link on my personal profile, which was noticed by one of my friends. I’d just heard about Oprah’s announcement on her first show for her 25th and final year about “The Ultimate Australian Adventure“, and was intrigued on a variety of levels. To be honest I […]


Connect Now and Start Caring!

Recently I attended a social media conference in Sydney called ConnectNow, and even though I only managed to attend Day 2 of the three days, I find I’m still pumped weeks later and full of hope for how the socialmediasphere will continue to evolve! My main motivation to attend, apart from catching up with some […]


Come Meet Twitter’s Chief Happiness Officer!

Come join other business peeps and entrepreneurs for an exclusive chat to @Iconic88 of Twitter tomorrow night 30th March, 2010 in Sydney CBD as presented by “A List Of Entrepreneurs“! This elusive man, known as the prolific “Icecream Cone” and “Chief Happiness Officer” of Twitter is one of the most influential and respected users worldwide. […]


10 Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

I was asked to be a part of a “Social Media Mastermind” Virtual Blogging Event and here is my post so I hope you enjoy. If you’d like to receive more valuable information on social media, be sure to check out all the posts in this blogathon throughout January! 🙂 Are you one of those […]


Tap Into Your Business’s Potential With Social Media

Finally your products and services are all sorted, website and branding is looking great and you’re ready to plug your business and take on the world! Think about it. How can you stand out from the crowd setting yourself apart from your competitors? What really makes you so different from all the rest? The answer […]


Use Twitter For Business? Are You Serious?!

Whether you choose to believe it or not, Twitter boasts an astronomical growth of over 1,444% in the past year, beating blogs and even Facebook, with an estimated 45.5million unique visitors. These statistics are quite impressive for something that is generally still looked upon as just a geeky “fad“! Sure, there’s been a lot of […]


How To Be Anti-Social In Social Media

Like many, I am SO loving social media right now. In fact, I’ve even created a new term, calling myself a Socialmediarite! 😉 With 20 years marketing and sales support, I’ve always loved the creativity of the industry however I never cared for the manipulation, with marketers and advertisers dictating the when & why of […]


What Does Your Brand Say About You?

So much is written these days about branding and what to do and what not to do. There are far too many “experts“ and “gurus“ promoting their guaranteed formulas for success when it comes to how you should market yourself, your product or service. For me, the one thing that stands out above all else […]


Twitter – Going Far Beyond 140 Characters

I spend a lot of time online as it’s the nature of my business. On a daily basis I try to keep up-to-date with what’s happening globally, connect with people who expand my mind and learn about new developments and tools. Last year I discovered social media, and in particular Twitter. Never could I have […]