What Are Your New Year’s Business Resolutions?

Recently I came across an image saying  “Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do” which prompted me to ponder the changes I need to do as we enter into another new year, to ensure my relationship with my business is still one of mutual joy and fulfilment. At this time most of us often think about […]

What Does It Take To Be An Overnight Success?

Recently I came across this great vlog series by Chris Brogan called “Overnight Success” which got me to thinking about where I’ve been, where I am now and where I want to be! 🙂 For those few of you who possibly haven’t heard of Chris, he is a prolific blogger, speaker and entrepreneur who is […]


Use Twitter For Business? Are You Serious?!

Whether you choose to believe it or not, Twitter boasts an astronomical growth of over 1,444% in the past year, beating blogs and even Facebook, with an estimated 45.5million unique visitors. These statistics are quite impressive for something that is generally still looked upon as just a geeky “fad“! Sure, there’s been a lot of […]


Surviving the Recession – Making Dollars with Sense

Today’s guest post is written by Lindy Asimus, Personal Business Coach of Design Business Engineering. Lindy works with business owners to review, and improve systems and profitability, communications within the business, and overall best outcomes for the business owner. She is also the owner of www.gethelp.com.au and you can follow Lindy on Twitter or read […]