How Do Your Customers Find You?

Today’s post is by Lindy Asimus, Business Coach, who specialises in coaching local business owners. To see her services please click here. A recent conversation on Twitter brought this up as a discussion point.  In the course of our back and forth, @gregbepper mentioned that as president of his local business chamber he had seen […]

Hope Is Not A Business Strategy

Today’s post is by Deb Pilgrim, who works specifically with woman entrepreneurs who want to take their business from ordinary to extraordinary. She does this by taking them through a step-by-step process teaching them how to consistently grow their business. Click here to subscribe to Deb’s small business blog, or check out her next Marketing […]


Surviving the Recession – Making Dollars with Sense

Today’s guest post is written by Lindy Asimus, Personal Business Coach of Design Business Engineering. Lindy works with business owners to review, and improve systems and profitability, communications within the business, and overall best outcomes for the business owner. She is also the owner of and you can follow Lindy on Twitter or read […]