How Do Your Customers Find You?

Today’s post is by Lindy Asimus, Business Coach, who specialises in coaching local business owners. To see her services please click here. A recent conversation on Twitter brought this up as a discussion point.  In the course of our back and forth, @gregbepper mentioned that as president of his local business chamber he had seen […]

What Are Your New Year’s Business Resolutions?

Recently I came across an image saying  “Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do” which prompted me to ponder the changes I need to do as we enter into another new year, to ensure my relationship with my business is still one of mutual joy and fulfilment. At this time most of us often think about […]

Hope Is Not A Business Strategy

Today’s post is by Deb Pilgrim, who works specifically with woman entrepreneurs who want to take their business from ordinary to extraordinary. She does this by taking them through a step-by-step process teaching them how to consistently grow their business. Click here to subscribe to Deb’s small business blog, or check out her next Marketing […]


Tips On How To Get The Best From Your VA

I count myself very lucky. I get to do what I love, working with a wide variety of interesting and intelligent people from all walks worldwide, and have fortunately had a steady stream of co-operative, insightful and fun clients. I have, however, also had a few that definitely would not fit into that category, and […]


Blog Ghostwriters – Trick or Treat?

Recently, I received an email from someone wanting some tips on how to approach blogging. In short, he wasn’t sure if he was up to the task, had the level of commitment, time and discipline required and suggested possibly outsourcing to a ghostwriter. “Content Writer” “Copywriter” call it what you will, this is an age-old […]


What The Real "Oprah Effect" Can Achieve With Social Media

It all started with a simple Facebook post and link on my personal profile, which was noticed by one of my friends. I’d just heard about Oprah’s announcement on her first show for her 25th and final year about “The Ultimate Australian Adventure“, and was intrigued on a variety of levels. To be honest I […]


Creating My Own Utopia

Recently, I was really struggling with working from home on a full time basis. When I started my Virtual Assistance business in May 2008, I lived overseas with 3 young children and my prime motivation was a) providing a secondary income and b) hopefully getting some mental and cybersocial stimulation as I was quite isolated […]


Connect Now and Start Caring!

Recently I attended a social media conference in Sydney called ConnectNow, and even though I only managed to attend Day 2 of the three days, I find I’m still pumped weeks later and full of hope for how the socialmediasphere will continue to evolve! My main motivation to attend, apart from catching up with some […]


Come Meet Twitter’s Chief Happiness Officer!

Come join other business peeps and entrepreneurs for an exclusive chat to @Iconic88 of Twitter tomorrow night 30th March, 2010 in Sydney CBD as presented by “A List Of Entrepreneurs“! This elusive man, known as the prolific “Icecream Cone” and “Chief Happiness Officer” of Twitter is one of the most influential and respected users worldwide. […]


Tweetups & Coffee Mornings = Connections & Conversations!

Recently I started to venture out IRL to meet up with some of the lovely local tweeps (Twitter people) I’ve been conversing with online. I’m really not a big fan of traditional networking or making small talk – mind you I don’t think anybody really is, but it’s sometimes a necessary evil. The thing about […]