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Are you one of those business owners who is quick to pass off social media as just another online fad? The truth is if you invest in learning how to leverage it, the opportunities are endless with the potential to provide the ultimate customer service, something sadly lacking in today’s world. So the choice businesses must now make is either embrace it, or risk being left behind.



Rather than focus on the hottest tools, I believe it is essential to firstly emphasise one’s approach to this new medium and the importance of creating valuable online conversations whilst developing worthwhile communities. This is central to your success, so here are 10 do’s and don’ts to consider before entering the socialmediasphere:





1. Don’t jump on the social media bandwagon just because it’s trendy. You’ll only wind up wasting your time if you don’t commit properly or believe in it, so educate yourself first. Subscribe to great bloggers who use and write about social media and marketing such as Chris Brogan, Pete Cashmore of Mashable, Chris Garrett and ProBlogger.



2. Many delude themselves thinking their “brand” will impress the masses, but that’s just superficial packaging. The person behind the brand is now the focus. You’ll receive credibility and respect only if and when it’s earnt by helping your online community.



3. Forget about using social media as just another way to broadcast your marketing “message” en masse. If you do, you’ll only wind up being ignored and popular with “me, myself and I”. It’s about engagement of your audience, so listening and conversation is key. Create your own community via free tools that make it easier and more manageable eg Seesmic and Tweetdeck.



4. Don’t put emphasis on being popular, obsessing over statistics and analytics of how many fans/followers you have. Focus on what makes you so younique; showcase your character, values, personality, knowledge and experience. Remember it’s quality over quantity as the number of fans bares no relation to the number of opportunities.





5. What worked for you and your business 5 or 10 years ago is now irrelevant in this new arena. This new age form of customer service is all about people to people, so invest in learning techniques on how to conduct yourself to ensure you make a positive and lasting impression.




6. Don’t construct what you think is a compelling personality to attract your “target market”. Those that succeed in social media are authentic and transparent about who they really are, and the true value of their services/products. Create a blog making it your hub for showcasing YOU. Start with free platforms such as WordPress or Blogger.



7. Strategy is definitely not “one size fits all” so what might work for someone else, may not for you. Research other business case studies for inspiring examples but bear in mind your business’s needs should be assessed and a practical, productive strategy customised to those needs, as well as to you.




8. Don’t rely solely on online tools for all your business networking. Yes they can be quick ice-breakers and often lead to fantastic opportunities, however they can’t replace meeting prospective clients and partners face to face. Tweetups (Twitter meetups) are being held all over the world nowadays so search for those near you or when you’re travelling. Better yet create your own!



9. Social media is not in place of a marketing strategy, it is another piece of the marketing pie. What other marketing activities are you involved with both online and offline? Plan realistically what your business and marketing objectives and goals are, including measuring your progress, so you can change your strategy when necessary.

10. First impressions really count, and you have less than 5 seconds! Put your best profiles forward, be consistent with your business branding and make sure your information is always up to date.

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About the author: Alexandra Popovic of VIP Virtual Solutions is a Virtual Assistant based in Sydney, Australia and has been using social media for her business and clients for the past year. She is a social media specialist, consistently in the Top 20 Twitterer’s in Australia and her services include personal assistance, marketing and sales support, as well as social media management and training in the use of current main platforms such as Twitter, Facebook business page, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Alexandra ensures her clients leverage these tools as part of their overall marketing strategy, customising a plan and schedule which allows them to tap into their client base, establish a high profile in their industry and provide the ultimate customer service.

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