Finally your products and services are all sorted, website and branding is looking great and you’re ready to plug your business and take on the world!

Think about it. How can you stand out from the crowd setting yourself apart from your competitors? What really makes you so different from all the rest? The answer is simple: it’s YOU, because there’ll never be anything on the market as interesting or younique!

Nowadays, you can no longer rely on the old “build it and they will come” logic as realistically your site is up against a gazillion others and the likelihood that potential clients and customers will easily find you, even if they use the correct keyword searches, is up to “chance”. The winds of change have arrived, and continuing with the way things were always done is the equivalent of keeping your head in the sand and hoping you won’t get sunburnt.So what can you do to increase your chances?

Enter the new business’s posterchild for networking, marketing, monitoring, sharing & customer service – social media. It’s been around for a few years, but only recently experienced a massive growth for business use from big corporates to solopreneurs. Why? Because it’s proven to be an extremely effective way of getting yourself noticed by relevant people, just by being……you.

Sure, you could continue spending time and money on “hit or miss” traditional advertising methods in the hope that the masses love what they see and flock to you, but the days of doing business with someone you just don’t know anything personal about are fast disappearing.

Every day people seek real referrals through family, friends and contacts on everything from finding a reliable mechanic, what to buy in which shop, to where is the best neighbourhood to live in and which school is the best for the kids. That is because someone we know and even trust has already experienced this decision making, and their recommendation is honest and from a reliable source. True, these are all personal decisions, but doing business isn’t any different. Truth is, you’re more likely to do business with someone you know and like, or are recommended to by someone you know and trust.

The many platforms used in social media can provide this important information if used correctly, however there are techniques and strategies that need to be in place to ensure time spent is productive. If so, it can open up a myriad of opportunities, showcasing you as a real person with vast knowledge, experience, strong values and character – something that can’t be displayed adequately in even the most well thought out “branding”.

Most importantly, it’s now the person behind the product or service that has to step out in front, and this is necessary if you’re going to not only survive but thrive in today’s business world.So no matter how flashy your website or magazine ad is, it comes down to the fact that ultimately people do business with people.

For more information on my social media management and training services, and to take advantage of my limited time only FREE social media evaluation, please contact me now.

I look forward to seeing you soon in the socialmediasphere!

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