Recently I came across this great vlog series by Chris Brogan called “Overnight Success” which got me to thinking about where I’ve been, where I am now and where I want to be! 🙂

For those few of you who possibly haven’t heard of Chris, he is a prolific blogger, speaker and entrepreneur who is heavily into social media, and his no-bs-behind-the-scenes approach about business is very insightful and refreshing. I love his simple yet effective quotes such as “The difference between an audience and a community – is which way you turn the chairs”. It’s little gems like this that make him so easy to listen and digest as opposed to the new wave of “gurus” and “experts” who sometimes like to make up their own language nobody quite understands.

Anyhoo, his series covers topics such as “Call To Arms” “No Excuses” and “Competition” and I don’t know how long it will continue, but it can be found here. I urge all who are interested in worthwhile marketing and business information to subscribe to both his YouTube channel and blog.

The truth is, there simply is no such as thing as an “overnight success”. It takes years and countless hours of focus, determination and perspiration to achieve anything worthwhile, and yet often we try and look for a shortcut. And let’s face it, those who have succeeded have endured many obstacles, failures, mistakes to get there which was all part of the learning and developing process. In my opinion, you just can’t get to where you’re supposed to be without going through all that character building stuff first. And this doesn’t apply to just business either.

This reminds me of something I’d been working on the past few months, which I thought would be relatively easy because I knew my stuff and what needed to be done. However, once I got into the nitty gritty it was so much harder than I had anticipated which led to many frustrations.

No matter how I tried, I just couldn’t rush knowing the whole backend process, but now I feel I’ve evolved and developed an important appreciation for what it takes to bring something like my-little-side-project-that-became-bigger-than-Ben-Hur to life. As labour and time intensive as that whole process was, I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it for anything, as I feel going through that I’ve gained so much more than just the end result.

I’m really interested to hear YOUR stories – the good, bad and even the down right annoying, so drop me a comment and share with the world what it truly takes to be an “overnight success”!

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