“The entrepreneur in us sees opportunities everywhere we look,
but many people see only problems everywhere they look.
The entrepreneur in us is more concerned with
discriminating between opportunities than he or she is
with failing to see the opportunities.”
Michael E. Gerber

I really love working with entrepreneurs! They are just so enthusiastic, creative, flexible and always open to improvements and change – which makes my job a lot easier! 😉 My clients have so many projects on the go at once, and I love the variety and challenge of making them more productive and focussed, so that they can fulfill their numerous goals.

All of them have such fascinating and unique tales of how they started out, the trials and failures they’ve endured, as well as success stories – and the one thing they all share no matter what industries they are in, is their vision, and the fact that they persevered when most would have simply given up. Perhaps it would have been far easier to just “go with the flow“ but where is the true reward in that?

Yes, there are days when even I, as a WAHM, am tempted to return to autopilot and rejoin the corporate ratrace, but then I look around at all the other benefits I have now, such as being there for my family and having a job that genuinely interests me and not only makes a difference to my client’s business, but also their lives.

Much to my surprise I’ve also found associating with these inspirational people has encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone, expand my mind and skills base and now I’m doing things I never would have thought – and better still, actually enjoying them!

Fact is, progress is a relentless hard slog but you’ll find most worthwhile things in life are. And woudn’t you rather regret something you did do than didn’t?

As we all can lack motivation from time to time, I thought I’d grab and share some interesting links regarding entrepreneurship to help keep those creative juices flowing, so read on, get inspired and get out there!!!

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