Whether you choose to believe it or not, Twitter boasts an astronomical growth of over 1,444% in the past year, beating blogs and even Facebook, with an estimated 45.5million unique visitors. These statistics are quite impressive for something that is generally still looked upon as just a geeky “fad“!

Sure, there’s been a lot of hype about this new social media darling (btw, it’s actually been around since 2006), but hype can only last so long. Despite it’s critics and resistance, Twitter just keeps growing and evolving with millions of business owners now creating ways to benefit from this global online phenom. So, what’s it really all about and is it a legitimate business tool?

You’re only limited by your creativity, but the first step is educating yourself on how to use Twitter properly in order to grasp it’s true potential, and then start thinking “outside the box“. You’re simply not going to learn what you really need to know by reading numerous online articles – I know because that’s what I did when I started, and yet it still took me a few months of being active on Twitter and seeing what was possible to really “get it“. That was over 1 year and 11,000 followers ago, and now I want to share my knowledge of how to use it right with you.

My new practical training webinar series “Tweetstartup for business“ takes the business owner from total beginner to power user – not only learning the techniques, but the all important “why“ behind them, and how to best use Twitter to your advantage.

Now you may be thinking, ok so I get the training but then what? Well, to give you an idea of the “what“, here’s a list of ways you could be using Twitter effectively for your business:

  • Share and comment on informative links about your industry
  • Discover free productivity tools for your business
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest online developments
  • Check out what people are saying about your competitors
  • Reach out and get to know prospective clients & their networks
  • Monitor what is really being said about you and your brand
  • Organise a tweetup in your local area ie a Twitter networking function where you can meet fellow business tweeps
  • Direct traffic to your latest blog post (SEO)
  • Promote an upcoming conference
  • Get leads or referrals from your network
  • Refer someone
  • Ask questions about something you’ve always wanted to learn
  • Get expert advice and tips
  • Seek recommendations on services or products
  • Brainstorm business ideas
  • Take advantage of an exclusive or discount offer
  • Run a competition
  • Provide prompt customer service
  • Do free real time market research
  • Get technical advice or assistance
  • Find staff or contractors
  • Learn about your next travel destination and make arrangements
  • Get honest feedback by running a poll or survey
  • Connect and share with your mentors or influential people in your industry
  • Notify customers of updates to your website
  • Find out about current training opportunities
  • Request a review of a new product you’re launching
  • Learn about and join other great business networks
  • See what people in your industry are talking about
  • See who people in your industry are talking to!
  • Ask someone to do a guest blog post
  • Socialise

So, are you seriously going let the above opportunities pass you by, or worse still, hand them over to your competitors?

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