I spend a lot of time online as it’s the nature of my business. On a daily basis I try to keep up-to-date with what’s happening globally, connect with people who expand my mind and learn about new developments and tools.

Last year I discovered social media, and in particular Twitter. Never could I have foreseen it would greatly assist in my metamorphosis from business owner newbie to VA extraordinaire! 😉 Perhaps I’m giving it too much credit, but there is no denying how much I have benefited from such a seemingly simple yet ingenious application.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, or want to know more, please see the video below. Also if you google “Twitter” you will find pages of websites, blogs, videos, press coverage, forums, networks, and third party applications all dedicated to this one free micro-blogging tool that has approximately 10 million users to date.

So just what is it that makes Twitter so popular, compelling and even addictive?

On July 15th 2006 it was launched as a fairly straightforward idea – quickly and easily connect and share with others details of your everyday life in real time ie as they happen. Sounds easy enough, but when I first started I didn’t know what to continually “tweet” in 140 characters or less that would be of any interest to others, let alone make them want to “follow” me.

Admittedly, it took awhile to find my inner tweetgroove, but now I’m finally starting to develop a solid community I enjoy interacting with. I guess recently making it into Australia’s Top 100 Influential Twitterers means I’m on the right track, and that only happened when I let go of the idea that Twitter was strictly for networking.

Unfortunately, I have recently noticed the focus for many users has been about getting the most “followers” or even the highest “statistics”. Initially I too was on a quest to be popular, until I realised Twitter offers much more and is not to be underestimated. It’s a 24 hour pulsating worldwide online resource where you can tap into up-to-the-minute advice, support, tutoring, work, form personal and professional relationships or even just have a laugh. Considering all that it can offer, it’s global appeal is not so surprising.

That said, what I find strange is many still feel the need to constantly compare, examine, justify or crucify it rather than just accept it for what it is ie an online application that has benefits, but obviously isn’t for everyone.

What I mean to say is, rather than rely on hearsay or the media etc why not just give it a try and see if it works for you?

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